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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Section

The FAQ section is a great resource for customers, affiliates, and sellers to find answers to their most common questions. Because we want to answer your questions and solve your problems as quickly as possible, we've also addressed our most common support issues within this FAQ tool. Just select the category of your question from the list below.

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Buyer Help
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Affiliates Help
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  • Return & Cancellation Policy
  • Shopping FAQ
  • Account FAQ
  • Accounting FAQ
  • Marketplace FAQ
  • Stats FAQ
  • Affiliate FAQ
  • Link FAQ
  • Referral FAQ
  • Payment Link FAQ
  • Seller FAQ

    We encourage our Sellers and Affiliates to read through all of the FAQs under General Account Help, Affiliate Help, and Seller Help, regardless of whether you are aSeller or an affiliate. You may get great ideas on how to use your eCB account in other ways to earn additional income.

    Have a specific inquiry?

    If you can't find the information you desire fill out a Contact form and an account representative will assist you. The service request forms can be located in the "Contact Us" area of the site. Or you can use our Live Help System to get your questions answered Live.



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