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  Account FAQ

1. How do I change the payee name and/or address in my account?

Address and your Personal details can be changed using the Profile Edit option. The link to which is found in your member's area.

eMail change requests need to be received by 7th of each month to be updated in time for the first payout of the month and by the 22nd of each month in order to be updated in time for the second payout of the month.

2. How do I change my contact details and phone number in my account?

You can update much of your account information at any time, including your:

Contact Name
Telephone Number

Upon logging into your eCB account, use the Profile Edit Option..

When you have finished making your updates, be sure to click "Save Changes"!

2-(a). How do I change my email ID or Login ID in my account?

We do not encourage changing your email ID nor the Login ID.

3. I tried to sign up with you, but my country is not listed on your form. Is there any way I can get an account with you?

We accept clients from All Countries. If for some reason we have missed out your country please write to us with your details and our representative would help you.

4. My country isn't listed on your sign up form. Can I sign up using a country that is on the list and then send in an address change request?

No, we are unable to accommodate address change requests that include a change to a country that is not on our accepted countries list.

5. I am moving to a country that is not listed on your accepted countries list. Does this mean I can no longer use my eCB account?

Yes, this means that you will no longer be able to use your eCB account. If you are in this situation and have money in your eCB account, as well as have met the stipulations of our payment policy, we will send your remaining payout(s) to the address currently listed in your eCB account. Please be sure to have your mail forwarded with your local mail service.

6. How do I close my eCB account?

Please use the delete account Link in your Member's area to delete your account.

7. What if I still have money in my account?

To avoid forfeiting your account balance, please wait to request your account closure until all return allowances have been released and you have received your last payout from eCB. At that time, you will need to contact us to let us know that the account should be fully closed.

8. I tried to sign up with you, but I never received my confirmation code.

The confirmation code is sent from the email address If you do not receive the confirmation code, it may mean your email account is blocking our messages. If you do not find our message in a spam filter, you will need to contact your ISP or use an alternative email address when signing up. If you have no alternative email address, our best suggestion is to sign up for an account with,, or any other free, web-based email host.

9. I tried to sign up with you, but my confirmation code doesn't work.

Please carefully read over the following for detailed instructions on registering your account with eCB:

1. Sign up for an eCBay account.
2. Fill out the requested information. Make sure to enter your email address correctly (this is the email address where you will receive a confirmation code, which is required to finalize your registration). Choose and enter a LoginID which you can easily remember (this is the name you will use when logging into your account).
3. A confirmation code will be emailed to you at the email address. It is important that you do not close your Internet browser. Open up your email program. (If you access your email through the Internet, open up a new window by choosing "file" and then "new window" located on the top menu.) Find the confirmation email (it will come from the email address: Simply click on the Verification Code found in the mail or copy and paste it in the browser.

4. Congratulations, you are now finished registering your eCB account. Be sure to write down your LoginID and password, or print the page for safekeeping. To print the page, choose "file" and then "print".

10. What is an eCBay LoginID ?

During the signup process you will select your eCB LoginID. Your LoginID is your unique ID that allows us to accurately track all the transactions related to your account. You will use your LoginID to access your account information, and you will use your LoginID in all of your sales links and/or hoplinks, which will allow eCB to track all of your transactions.

The LoginID you choose will be the "eCB ID" for your account. It will be visible to the customer every time we sell one of your products, and will appear on the memo line when we send you a payout. Please keep in mind that once you open an account and select the LoginID, the LoginID for that account can not be changed.

11. I signed up for an account - now what do I do?

Your eCB account may be used in any or all of the following three ways:

You may act as an affiliate to promote products of eCB Sellers in order to earn commissions. You can promote the Marketplace itself, which means that you will earn a commission when a customer purchases from any website listed in the Marketplace, or you can choose specific Sellers to promote. There is no charge to be an affiliate and no limit to how many products you can choose to promote! For more information on the eCB affiliate program, click HERE.

You may also use your account to earn commissions by referring new Sellers to eCB.

Finally, you can become an eCBay Seller yourself by offering your own products or services for sale at eCB! For more information on becoming an eCBay Seller, click HERE.

12. I have an account, but I want to change my LoginID. How do I do that?

In order to have a different eCB LoginID, you must open a new eCB account. Please keep in mind that the minimum number of characters for an eCBay LoginID is four, the maximum is ten, and it may contain numbers and letters only.

If you choose to open a new account and your current account has a positive balance, please keep in mind that we are unable to transfer funds from one eCB account to another. To avoid forfeiting these funds, please wait to request your account closure of the old account until all return allowances have been released and you have received your last payout.

13. I forgot my password, what do I do?

At the eCB login page, select "Forgot your password?". You will be asked to enter your email address currently listed in your eCB account. When you click "Continue to step 2", this function will automatically forward your login ID and Password to you from

14. Can I change my password to a chosen one?

Yes! You need to use the Change Password Link found in the Member's area.

15. I forgot my password, and no longer have access to email address listed in account.

In order for you to receive a new password, we will need to update the email address listed in your account. Please send a request through our Seller/Affiliate Customer Service Form and state that you forgot your password, and no longer have access to the email address listed in your account. Please be sure to include the following information:

  • The email address currently listed in your account.
  • The street address currently listed in your account.
  • If you have been issued a payout from eCB in the last year, please verify the amount of the most recent payout you have received.

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