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  Marketplace FAQ

1. How do I submit my product into the Marketplace?

Log In to your Member's Area, Click on the 'List' Link and follow simple instructions..

2. How often is the Marketplace updated?

The eCB Marketplace is updated in real time... i.e on new product submission the products are automatically added to the marketplace.

3. If my product does not fit in one of eCB's categories, will you add new categories?


4. What information is searched?

Currently, the eCB Marketplace search looks for terms that match in the Marketplace Title and the Marketplace Description of each Live product. This is the same information that has always existed in the eCB Marketplace. It does not search by the eCB LoginID of the account.

5. What if I can't find the information that I am looking for?

If you can't find the product that you are looking for, you may need to refine your search. It is best to use the minimum number of words necessary to find your desired results. You may also want to use an advanced search.

6. How are the searches ranked?

Search results are initially sorted by No of Sales in descending order, the same way as browsing through categories in the Marketplace. Search results are not sorted or ranked by search relevance.



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