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  Accounting FAQ

1. I have multiple accounts. Will my payment be combined into one payout?

No. you will receive a separate payout for each account.

2. I don't want to receive payment until I have made $500 dollars. Can I do that?

Yes. The "Payment Threshold" setting in your account allows you to control when you receive a payout. You may select an amount from $20 to $10,000 as your Payment Threshold. The default setting is $100. We hold your payout until your payable balance reaches the amount you select.

3. Why is my payout less than I expected?

Things to keep in mind when reading your stats are that returns and revokes are backdated 8 days. For example, if a return is approved on the 7th of the current month, the debit will be applied to the previous pay period. Also, remember that a return allowance is held each time we issue a payout to cover future returns. This is typically 10%. The return allowance is held for 6 pay periods then refunded to your payable balance.

4. Why haven't I received my payout?

eCB will withhold the first payout to be issued from your account until the payable balance contains sales made with 3 or more different Buyerl Accounts, in order to be eligible to receive a payout. It is also required that the payout balance reaches the Payment Threshold amount you have chosen in your account. The default Payment Threshold is set to $100, however you can change the Payment Threshold in your account at any time.



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