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1. How much will I receive for products sold through eCB?

For most transactions, eCB purchases the product from the seller at a wholesale price equal to 92.5% To 95% of retail Plus $ 0.30. For example: If eCB sells your product for $50.00 to the customer, you would get $50.00 x .92.5% = $46.25 - $0.30 = $45.95.

For affiliate directed sales, the commission percentage is subtracted from the Gross sale price.

2. How are the retail and wholesale prices determined?

Sellers recommend a suggested retail price for their products within limits defined by eCB. The lowest price for which eCB will sell a standard product is $3.00.

The wholesale price eCB pays Sellers for their product is typically 92.5% - $0.30 of the suggested retail.

3. Can you charge my customers in their local currency?

  • We Accept The Following 16 Currencies :
    • US $
    • EUR €
    • GBP £
    • INR Rs.
    • JPY ¥
    • AUD $
    • NZD $
    • CHF
    • HK $
    • SGD $
    • SEK kr
    • DKK kr
    • PLN zl
    • NOK kr
    • HUF Ft
    • CZK
  • All Other Currencies will be converted to USD for Processing Payment.. although for credit card orders, the credit card companies will bill in the customer's local currency on their credit card statement. The credit card company determines the exact exchange rate shortly after the sale is made.

4. What charges will I incur from eCB?

There are no monthly charges.

There are charges for returned sales, revoked sales. As part of our commitment to quality customer service, eCB may approve a return of a sale in response to a customer dispute. When a sale is returned, the customer receives a 100% refund, and payouts from that sale are debited back out of the corresponding seller and affiliate accounts. From the seller's account we also charge $1.00 per returned online payout sale.

A purchase is revoked if the customer's bank later claims the purchase was unfunded or fraudulent. Revoked sales cost us money and harm our reputation as a reliable product retailer. In these instances we charge $1.00 per revoked online payout, $5.00 per American Express or Discover chargeback, and $15.00 per all other credit card chargebacks from the seller's account. We will charge an additional $35.00 per credit card chargeback if the seller's products generate in excess of 1% chargebacks in any 90-day period.

5. What is eCB's maximum retail price limit?

There is No up limit.

6. How many products can eCB sell for me through one account?

You can sell up to 500 different products per seller, per account.

7. I have more than 500 products that I want eCB to sell for me. How do I set that up?

You will need to open another account.

8. Why am I not getting my sales notifications?

Please take note of the email address from which the sales notifications are sent: If you do not receive our email notifications, your email program may be blocking that address. Please set your spam filters to accept Unfortunately, email is not 100% reliable and can occasionally be lost, returned undeliverable, or caught in spam filters on its way to you. We recommend that you payout your stats daily to see if you have made any sales.

9. Does your system offer a shopping cart?


10. What is an "affiliate"?

Affiliates are essentially product advertisers or marketers. eCB affiliates set up a free eCB account and then advertise a special link. If a customer clicks through the affiliate's link and goes on to make a successful purchase, then the affiliate will earn a commission between 1% and 25%. The commission rate is set by the seller.

11. Why is the affiliate program important?

Taking advantage of eCB's extensive affiliate network can be the driving force that takes your sales from mediocre to hugely successful! eCB only pays an affiliate a commission if the affiliate sends a customer through their link and the customer purchases the seller's product through eCB.

As you can see, the affiliate program is more cost-effective than other types of advertising. For example, if you placed an ad in an online magazine, you would have to pay for the ad no matter how many people actually made a purchase. With our affiliate program, you are only paying the affiliate a commission when they refer an actual sale of your product through eCB. Your marketing dollars are 100% effective!

12. How do I encourage folks to become eCB affiliates?

We help build the affiliate network in two different ways:

First, we give you a way to promote the affiliate program from your own website.

Second, we can list you in our Marketplace, which is where affiliates go to find new products they want to promote.

13. How does eCB track the sales that an affiliate refers to me?

The affiliate's link should be set up like this:

Affiliates replace "AFFILIATE" with their own eCB LoginID and "ProductID" with your Product ID.

Any time a customer clicks through that affiliate link and makes an eCBay purchase, the affiliate will earn a commission - even up to 60 days later.

14. Is there a way for me to contact affiliates who are promoting my site?

As a matter of policy, eCB does not release the email addresses of our affiliates.

15. Who determines how much an affiliate gets paid?

Sellers can set the affiliate commission in their accounts to any percentage between 1% and 25%. This percentage is taken off the gross sale amount of the product, ie Price + Shipping. Our system automatically rounds commissions below $0.25 up to $0.25. Therefore, the minimum amount an affiliate will receive for referring a sale to a seller is $0.25.

Sellers can change their payout percentage at any time. When an affiliate generates a sale, the affiliate will be paid the commission rate set in the seller's account at the time of the purchase.

16. Can a seller be an affiliate?

Yes! Sellers can use one eCB account for both their seller and affiliate activities.


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