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What is Spam?

Spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) is an email message that you send to someone when they did not ask for it. There are many kinds of spamming. Posting irrelevant messages on newsgroups, usenet, message board, chat sites, forums, etc. For more info about spamming, visit

What is the Anti-SPAM policy of eComputer Bay?

We have a zero tolerance policy. Any member of our team, subscriber of our newsletters or contributor who is caught SPAMming will be immediately and permanently removed from our lists and banned permanently.

If you feel you have been spammed by an email address from this domain, or an email containing information that links us to these illegal acts, please report them IMMEDIATELY to

Any false spam accusations will be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and a defamation civil suit will be filed against the accuser.

Our Bottom Line

We don't tolerate SPAM. Keep it away from us - we do NOT use underhanded or illegal email marketing techniques, and we do NOT condone such acts. If you feel that you may at some point produce or distribute SPAM, you are unwelcome at eComputerBay. We are 110% CAN-SPAM compliant, and continually upgrade our services to improve our SPAM-free status.

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