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  Computer Dictionary : tag

Welcome to the eComputer Bay's Computer Dictionary - the free online dictionary of computer and technology terms. The goal of the Computer Dictionary is to not just define computer terms, but explain them as well.

Definitions of computer terms are helpful, but explanations with examples are even better. eComputer Bay contains hundreds of computer and technology terms, all with detailed explanations.

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1. Tag

Tags are the basic formatting tool used in HTML (hypertext markup language) and other markup languages, such as XML. For example, to create a table on a Web page, the <table> tag is used. The data that should be inside the table follows the <table> tag, and the table is closed with a </table> tag.

If you want something to show up in bold on a Web page, you would use the bold tag. For example, the line:

This site is the <b>best website</b> ever!

would show up as: This site is the best website ever!

Since there is often a need to format content within more general tags, the tags can be "nested," meaning one tag can enclose one or more other tags. For example:

<font="Times">This is the Times font, and <i>this is in italics</i>. Pretty exciting, huh?</font>

would should up as: This is the Times font, and this is in italics. Pretty exciting, huh?

Tags are a fundemental part of HTML and they are pretty simple to understand. If you want to build a Web site of your own, you can either create it from scratch (using a text editor and typing your own tags) or you can use a layout program such as Adobe GoLive or Macromedia Dreamweaver, which will generate the tags for you. Best of all, tags used in markup languages don't itch or chafe your neck.


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